Svetlana Koleda

Founder of @moonlightroom | @moooi ambassador - Space solutions: home, office

Julia Terentyeva. She is absolutely special person for me. The stylist who exactly and for certain opened myself for me the same, she could see me the real one.

She opened and keep doing it in time and in development. After all, we live and we are changing, we aren’t standing still.

When your look and your image in clothing correspond to your internal feeling, you are getting the confidence, the ease, the harmony with yourself and with the outside world. Being yourself - this the happiness.

Alesia Pukhova

Head of legal department EPAM Systems (Belarus)

Julia is not only a professional stylist she is a person who can see people’s characters and moods.

So she could find out my real wishes and native state of mind. Now I look like I feel myself deep inside and at the same time, I look very professional. Julia gives me more than just good looks, she presents me with creative spirit and helps me to feel free!

I appreciate her honest work very much! Thank you, Julia!